The Club continues to have a need for individuals to volunteer to support its activities please.

There are two specific vacancies that have arisen recently – Trophy & Medal Secretary and Workforce Co-ordinator

These vacancies are as a result of previous holders indicating that they wish to step down.  If it helps, both roles can potentially be carried out by more than one person by dividing the work up.

The more who volunteer then the more the load is spread, hopefully to the benefit of the Club and its activities.

The first of these is Trophy and Medal Secretary.

This role is a busy one for only a few months of the year, in the period between the ending of Club championships and our presentation evening (normally held in early March).  A summary of the duties is as follows:

  • in advance of annual presentation evening liaise with coaches, Exec Directors, and club championships co-ordinator to confirm recipients of awards
  • liaise with keeper of club records to confirm all record breakers in the previous year
  • liaise with engraver to get trophies engraved in good time
  • order medals for club championships
  • order plates for club record breakers
  • collect trophies in from previous year’s winners
  • organise the trophies in sequence for the presentation evening

The second role is Workforce Co-ordinator

This is becoming an increasingly important role, as the Club invests in more training and development for coaches, officials and other volunteers.  This could be sub-divided and so shared by a few individuals, e.g. one looks after coaches, another after officials etc.

It is an admin role that also involves liaising with the ASA and Club officers.  Summary details of the responsibilities are as follows:

  • Maintain an accurate record of all qualifications held/ training undertaken by coaches, club officers, officials, other volunteers
  • Log developmental needs and priorities in discussion with lead coaches and Exec
  • Search for courses as needed, liaising with Exec on bookings and agreed spend

Please give these roles some thought and if you’re prepared to help out then contact either Keith Mogford ( or Lynn Collins (