How The Club Is Run

volunteersLike most other swimming clubs Chelmsford City Swimming Club is run and managed by volunteers, members and parents who give their own time in a variety of roles to ensure that the Club runs smoothly and continues to meet its legal obligations and its obligations to the ASA as the sport’s governing body.

Chelmsford City Swimming Club is a company limited by guarantee and is in the process of applying to become a registered charity.  As a not for profit limited company the Club’s constitution is set out in its Articles of Association (see key documents page) and it is governed and managed by a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors are elected at an Annual General Meeting by voting members of the company and discuss and plan many aspects of Club business and life but are fundamentally responsible for financial management; legal compliance, compliance with ASA, and the development plans of the Club.

If you’re interested in becoming a Director then please contact the Chair at

Please refer to the Articles of Association if you’re interested in knowing more about how to qualify to be a voting member of the company.

Much of the day to day running of the Club is assisted by other volunteer officers and of course by a large team of coaches.  See other pages for details of these roles and individuals.

Swim 21

The Club holds the ASA Swim 21 accreditation, the ASA’s recognised kitemark for the development of effective, ethical and sustainable clubs.

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