FAQ’s on lifesaving


Who can enrol?

The minimum age for enrolment is 11 ½, the first award cannot be assessed until the lifesaver is aged 12. You must be able to swim 20 metres on your front and 20 metres on your back. No previous experience of lifesaving is necessary. However, those who hold a current Bronze Medallion and Life Support Award may enter the programme at the Silver Medallion level .

What if I already hold a bronze award?

You can enter the programme at the Silver level.  Initially you will be revising skills already taught and learning new skills that are now part of the Bronze Medallion.

How long does it take?

Each award runs over 10 weeks, with an eleventh week to catch up where individuals have missed bits. Bronze has an additional introduction week, to brief candidates about the course and to familiarise themselves with the pool and the instructor.  We do Bronze in Autumn, Silver in Spring and Gold in Summer terms.  There are no sessions in half terms and school holidays.

Regular attendance is important. Parents will be informed if poor attendance is preventing progress, and missing too many sessions means that candidates will not be able to be assessed for the awards.

What is the lesson format?

Each session is 45 minutes of theory and 60 minutes pool work.


Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) Governing body for Lifesaving and life guarding and the leading drowning prevention organisation in the UK. www.rlss.org.uk

The International Lifesaving Federation is the world authority for drowning prevention and lifesaving. ILS Leads, supports and collaborates with national and international organisations engaged in drowning prevention, water safety, water rescue, Lifesaving, lifeguarding and Lifesaving sport.  www.ilsf.org

The International Lifesaving Federation is the worlds non profit making association of aquatic lifesavers and aquatic Lifesaving organisations.  www.europe.ilsf.org

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is the leading charity which aims to save lives at sea.  www.rnli.org

RLSS Resources www.rlssdirect.co.uk/resources.php

The Duke of Edinburgh Award www.dofe.org