Leaving the Club?

We are sorry to see you that you have decided to leave Chelmsford City Swimming Club. If there is anything we can do to make you change your mind, then let us know.

However, please note that if you wish to cancel your membership then you must notify the club membership secretary for your section by e-mail, (details below) no later than the 15th of the month at the end of which you wish your membership to cease, i.e. to leave by the 30th October you must send your email by the 15th October.

Any cancellations or notifications after the 15th will mean that the fees are still payable for the following month.
No refunds will be given or part months payment will be accepted.

Junior Squad Seals and Dolphins – jnrsquads@chelmsfordcityswimmingclub.org.uk
City Squad – squads@chelmsfordcityswimmingclub.org.uk
Water Polo – waterpolo@chelmsfordcityswimmingclub.org.uk
Masters – masters@chelmsfordcityswimmingclub.org.uk
Artistic Swimming/Swimfit/Academy/Academy Intro – members@chelmsfordcityswimmingclub.org.uk