Squad Structure

Squad Structure Flowchart

Intro Squad (a pre-competition squad)

This introduces children as young as seven to the skills they will need to take up competitive swimming, whilst encouraging them to concentrate on gaining good techniques.

The Intro Squad follows Swim England’s Learn to Swim Framework for Stages 8 to 10 and aims to:

  • Further develop swimming skills and techniques.
  • Improve strokes, dives, starts and turns.
  • Provide the opportunity to swim competitively.

Trials for the Intro Squad are undertaken on a regular basis. If you are interested in joining and would like to book a free trial, please contact info@chelmsfordcityswimmingclub.org.uk for details.

Swimmers should be able to swim a minimum of 250 meters and have good stamina and technique.

The Swim Academy

As a competitive club, it is important that swimmers are nurtured through the club’s development program. The Swim Academy provides a natural progression from the Intro Squad and offers 3 swimming sessions per week, of which swimmers should be aiming to swim at least 2 of these each week. Swimmers will receive coaching from our experienced coaches.

For swimmers aged 7 to 11 year olds, the main aim is to:

  • To aid the development of younger swimmers.
  • To teach younger swimmers drills.
  • To develop skills and technique of younger swimmers.
  • To prepare younger swimmers for competitive section.
  • To introduce swimmers to a new concept of training.

The Junior Squad

As swimmers progress through the development programme, they will be moved up into the Junior Competitive Squad where a greater number of sessions become available and swimmers are expected to represent the club at galas and competitions.

There are two levels within this squad, the Seals (Amber Hats) and Dolphins (Green Hats).


We provide up to 5 training sessions per week, of which swimmers should aim to complete 3+.


We offer 5 sessions per week, including a Wednesday morning, and the opportunity to train alongside the City Squad on a Sunday evening for lanes 1 & 2. There is a minimum requirement of 3 sessions per week with swimmers aiming to attend 4 sessions per week.

Movement from Dolphins to City Sharks, City Squad or Swimfit is at the discretion of the Head Coach. Swimmers will have to demonstrate a commitment to swimming, including morning sessions and have the relevant performance and training ability to be considered for any of the City Squads.

City Squad

The City Squad is the pinnacle of our Competitive Swimming section with swimmers aged 10 years and older, who are aiming to swim at County, Regional and eventually National Championships. We are focused on helping swimmers to achieve their personal goals and our Head Coach designs and delivers a training schedule to support this, offering a varied set at each training session, which builds stamina and strength, whilst developing their individual techniques.

We send a strong squad to the Essex County Championships in January/February and Swim England’s East Region Championships in April/May and swimmers will attend a number of club galas and events over the course of the year to help them gain their qualifying times in both Short (25m) and Long Course (50m) pools. We also have a number of swimmers each year that gain qualifying times for Swim England National Championships which take place in August and December annually in Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

We expect our City Squad swimmers to have a commitment to their training programme and be focused on achieving their potential.


City Sharks

Initially swimmers will move from Dolphins into the City Sharks. The Sharks offers a slightly reduced training schedule to allow them to adjust to the demands of the City Squad. Because of this, the City Sharks will accept talented 10 year old’s who meet the relevant performance, training commitment and training ability criteria.

The City Sharks train in Lane 1 and will have the same training times as the City Squad with the exception of Sunday p.m and Tuesday p.m. The minimum attendance is 4 sessions per week for 10-11 year olds and 5 sessions for 12 year olds. These must include 1 early morning per week and a minimum of 2 Sunday morning sessions per month.

To be considered for movement to either of the other City Squads, swimmers are required to demonstrate a regular training commitment of 5/6 sessions a week and will be at the discretion of the Head Coach.


City Sprints

Two of the lanes we use for the City Squad at New Hall sessions offer sprint type training. These lanes focus primarily on short distance swimming i.e. 50’s & 100’s. Those selected for this training program are encouraged to maximise their potential but are only required to train a minimum three sessions per week, including one early morning and two Sunday morning sessions per month, giving greater flexibility for swimmers that want to vary how many sessions they do each week.

Key points about the sprint lanes:

  • Year round focus on speed and power.
  • Target Competitions as normal.
  • Same targets as Performance Squad but with more flexibility on training commitment.
  • Weights program for strength and conditioning for the older swimmers.
  • Individual goal setting.
  • Full City program available.
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to swim in the busy Monday night session if they have not met their minimum training requirement for the previous week – i.e. 3 sessions including one morning.
  • Swimmers not attending the minimum 3 sessions per week will be offered Monday night Swim Fit at Riverside.


City Performance

Performance Squad swimmers are expected to be self motivated and to use all of the available training programme to focus upon achieving their full potential. These swimmers have to regularly meet their performance and training commitments to retain their place in the Performance Squad.Those who do not, will be offered Sprints, which has a lower training commitment.

Minimum training requirement for school year 5, 6 & 7
5 sessions per week, although we do recommend 6 sessions where possible to maximise potential. Must include at least one weekday morning session and two Sunday morning sessions per month.

Minimum training requirement for school year 8+
6 sessions per week. although we do recommend 7 sessions where possible to maximise performance and potential. Must include at least one weekday morning session and two Sunday morning sessions per month.

We also offer land based training on a Monday and Tuesday evenings for older swimmers. Spaces are limited and are by invitation from the Head Coach only. This is done in conjunction with the Ross Knevett Sports Injury Clinic. With Jordan providing pre and post massage therapy at the Tuesday evening session at Moulsham School. (Private individual appointments can also be arranged – please contact them via their website.) If swimmers have an invite they are expected to attend regularly, otherwise they will loose their space.